Physio – arm and buttock pain

02 March 2014

Physio – arm and buttock pain

My life seems to be a catalogue of injuries… Yesterday I stubbed my right toe on someone’s leg during capoeira roda. One more reason to wear shoes – but I can’t do the movements with the same precision with shoes on! So I spent the rest of the day putting ice on it, as it hurt a lot! It’s swollen now and I can’t bend it in certain directions, but it didn’t stop me from jogging, I can jump and run, fortunately.

I’m getting a steroid injection in my right arm on the 9th of April – as none of the physio seems to have improved it. I haven’t done any push ups for a long time either, but it’s not resolving itself.

Then, there’s my deep buttock pain. The physio thinks it’s referred back pain – it gets worse after I run. Same side as my previous hip injury – may be related. These are the exercises I’ve been doing to stretch the muscle – this is also not getting better, but it’s a notoriously difficult injury according to this article. It’s not stopping me from doing anything and it’s been actually better – but I think it’s affecting my running times… I think I hadn’t been doing the stretches things would be a lot worse.

PERSONALLY, I don’t think it’s my back AT ALL. Reading the trigger point therapy book I have, there’s just a good a chance this is gluteus maximum pain, and sitting down for years and years causes it, it can also manifest itself as lower back pain, which I get a lot. I think I will take the book for him to look at when I see him next. IN APRIL!

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