Mestre José Antônio songs

A few of Mestre José Antônio’s beautiful songs No canto da Iúna (Sang by Mestre Poncianinho, 2022) No Canto da Iûna Urucungo chorou (2x) Chora chora Urucungo Coração de cantador Chora Chora Urucungo Quero ouvir seu chororo Sela a Ventania (2019) [chorus] Sela a Ventania, dindinha Ventania is common name for horses in Brazil… Eu … Read more

Capoeira Reading List

First published Dec 2014 Last Updated 11 Dec 2023 Capoeira Reading List Below is a list of Capoeira books & papers I have read. There are 100s of books about Capoeira out there. Here’s a comprehensive list by Dr. Sara Delamont (Cardiff University). * Capoeira Angola – Mestre Pastinha (PDF) * A Herança de Mestre … Read more

Mestre Poncianinho’s Vlogs

First published 05 Feb 2018 Mestre Poncianinho’s Vlogs Mestre Poncianinho started 2018 with a new series of video blogs, here they are! Watch and learn 😉 Also available here -> Podcasts (Facebook) Podcast 1 Lessons, practices and insights Podcast 2 Guidance

Music Class with Mestre João Grande

14 October 2017 – Music Class with Mestre João Grande Mestres João Grande and Môa do Katendê together in London · Hosted by Mestre Joãozinho Da Figueira Facebook Event Page Photos/Videos of the visit to Mojubá and of the event on Flickr Videos on YouTube On Saturday afternoon we had an unforgettable music class with … Read more

Mestre Roxinho visits Mojubá

14 April 2017 – Good Friday Mestre Roxinho visits Mojubá London streets were deserted on my drive to the Dance Attic. I love it when London is like that. Mestre Poncianinho had been telling everyone that Mestre Roxinho was coming to visit and he said a lot of people were saying they were going to … Read more