Mojubá Music Class – 11th of November 2015

11 November 2015 Mojubá Music Class We learned this variation today, which was first recorded by Mestre Ananias and now pretty much everyone plays it. Works for rhythms ending in dim, i.e. Angola, Jogo de Dentro, Miudinho, Banguela, Angolinha. From Sunday, we practiced this, São Bento Grande variation: And berimbau orchestra start for each berimbau:

Santa Maria e Idalina toques with Mestre José Antonio

5 November 2015 Santa Maria e Idalina toques with Mestre José Antonio Learning toque Santa Maria (Mestre Bimba) with Mestre José Antonio Base tsh#tsh# dom dom dom dom dom dimdomdim tsh#tsh# domdimdomdim tsh#tsh# domdimdomdimdomdimdom dimdomdim Variations: tsh#tsh# domdomdomdomdomdomdom dom dimdomdim tsh#tsh# domtss domtss domtss domtss dom dimdomdim Santa Maria Variations with Mestre José Antonio Learning … Read more

A negregada instituição

First published on 13 Oct 2015 A negregada instituição The word ‘negragada’ confused me – translated directly to English on google translate, it translates as ‘neglected’, however when I look for a Portuguese definition it returns ‘hateful, hard work (as in, causes exhaustion), repulsive, negligible’. To be honest, I’m not sure what it means in … Read more