Mestre Roxinho visits Mojubá

14 April 2017 – Good Friday Mestre Roxinho visits Mojubá London streets were deserted on my drive to the Dance Attic. I love it when London is like that. Mestre Poncianinho had been telling everyone that Mestre Roxinho was coming to visit and he said a lot of people were saying they were going to … Read more

Mestre Canjiquinha toques

Mojubá Music Lesson – 14 December 2016 In class tonight Mestre Poncianinho taught us one of the toques at the end of this album, where Mestre Canjiquinha plays various (unnamed, as far as we know) toques. (from 28:15) We practiced this one: Direct link, in case the player above doesn’t work. When I was going … Read more

New songs with Mestre José Antônio

29 June 2016 New songs with Mestre José Antônio Mestre Zé Antônio has been in Europe for the last month or so. He came to Mestre Poncianinho’s event Vivência cultural 2016 and then went off to various events in Europe. This week is his last week and then he’s going back to Brazil. Tonight’s class … Read more

Mojubá’s official toques

05 April 2016 Mojubá’s official berimbau toques Angola, São Bento Pequeno, São Bento Grande, Jogo de Dentro, Iúna, Cavalaria, Apanha a laranja, Abaré. For our own roda, 2nd arrangement: Gunga: São Bento Pequeno 2 (aka Angolinha, Angola Dobrada) tsh#tsh# domtss# domtss# dim Médio, opposite of gunga: tsh#tsh# dim dim dom (São Bento grande 2) Viola: … Read more