Mestre Canjiquinha toques

Mojubá Music Lesson – 14 December 2016

In class tonight Mestre Poncianinho taught us one of the toques at the end of this album, where Mestre Canjiquinha plays various (unnamed, as far as we know) toques.

(from 28:15)

We practiced this one:

Direct link, in case the player above doesn’t work.

When I was going over I realised it reminded me of Mestre Bimba’s São Bento Grande – when comparing them, although somewhat similar, they are clearly different.
tsh#domdim tsh#domdim
then later on added the second tsh# and played faster:
tsh#tsh#domdim tsh#tsh#domdim

* Samango toque for lateral, dynamic game also created by Mestre Canjiquinha. Toque on Silvio Acaraje’s album.
tsh#dom tsh#dom tsh#dom tsh#domdomdomdom tsh#domdomdomdomdomdomdomdom

* Muzenza Toque on Silvio Acaraje’s album.
tsh#tsh#dom tsh#dom dom
tsh#tsh#dom domdim dom dom

2 thoughts on “Mestre Canjiquinha toques”

  1. Hi Lelé,

    Yesterday I found your blog and I spent more than an hour reading through all your posts. I love the way you write about capoeira: open, honest, simple and helpful towards other capoeiras. I found a treasure of information here and I will make time to go through it all thoroughly.

    You even got me inspired to start contributing to the capoeira community myself!
    So thank you for your effort 🙂

    In July I visited a class of Mestre Poncianinho in London with some of my students (we were there for a batizado of our own group). We were all very impressed with the way he teaches and how wonderful the class was. I really hope to be able to visit again when I get the chance.


    • Hey, thanks! It always comes as a pleasant surprise when people read the blog 🙂 Yeah, Mestre Poncianinho is a wonderful teacher, I’m so glad that he is my Mestre.

      All the best!


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