Mestre José Antônio songs

A few of Mestre José Antônio’s (Barracão Da Capoeira) beautiful songs. No canto da Iúna (Sang by Mestre Poncianinho, 2022) No Canto da Iûna Urucungo chorou (2x) Chora chora Urucungo Coração de cantador Chora Chora Urucungo Quero ouvir seu chororo Sela a Ventania (2019) [chorus] Sela a Ventania, dindinha Ventania is common name for horses … Read more

Twelve Covid-19 Capoeira Sequences

Twelve Covid-19 Capoeira Sequences 22 August 2020 I’ve been filming myself doing some of the sequences from Mestre Poncianinho’s online class during lockdown so that I can study and practice them regularly, and have a few sequences in my body that I can easily access at the right time during the roda. I picked twelve … Read more

Mestre Poncianinho’s Vlogs

First published 05 Feb 2018 Mestre Poncianinho’s Vlogs Mestre Poncianinho started 2018 with a new series of video blogs, here they are! Watch and learn 😉 Also available here -> Podcasts (Facebook) Podcast 1 Lessons, practices and insights Podcast 2 Guidance

Birthdays/T-shirt/Business cards

12 May 2017 Birthdays/T-shirt/Business cards Denise suggested I should get a business card when I gave her the address of this blog scribbled on a piece of paper. And I thought, why not? So I ‘designed’ (i.e. picked a photo) and ordered from moo print, here it is! Tonight’s roda celebrated D’s and Catarina’s birthdays. … Read more