Berimbau Toques

First Published 03 July 2014 Last updated 23 July 2023 Berimbau Toques The best known Capoeira toques are Angola, São Bento Pequeno and São Bento Grande. Here I go through those and various others that I have learned. Our group has its own official toques when it comes to the roda, click here for more … Read more

Capoeira Songs Playlists

First Published 10 September 2018 Last updated 28 August 2023 Songs grouped by theme, to help me remember them!!! Some of the songs intersect different themes. Sand & Water playlist Na beira do mar Beira mar iôiô Beira mar iáiá Eu não vou no mar (Mestre Zé Baiano) Sobrado de mamãe é debaixo d’água (Mestre … Read more

Mestre José Antônio songs

A few of Mestre José Antônio’s beautiful songs No canto da Iúna (Sang by Mestre Poncianinho, 2022) No Canto da Iûna Urucungo chorou (2x) Chora chora Urucungo Coração de cantador Chora Chora Urucungo Quero ouvir seu chororo Sela a Ventania (2019) [chorus] Sela a Ventania, dindinha Ventania is common name for horses in Brazil… Eu … Read more

What I know about YouTube Fitness Videos

What I know about YouTube Fitness Videos (Go to last update 14 Aug 2023) First published 24th of September 2020 Lockdown YouTube Fitness Videos I’ve done a few fitness DVDs over the years: T25, Insanity, Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson, Rodney Yee, Zumba… and I am a fan of them. No need to go to … Read more

Lelé Capoeira coming at you from new domain!

Dear readers/subscribers, Due to major server issues (too slow, too unreliable) I had to move to a new server. I also finally got a better domain name!!! From now on this site lives at the aptly named domain. Hopefully you should all still get new posts emails as before – if you got an … Read more