Mojubá Music Lesson – 15 March 2015

Mojubá Music Lesson – 15 March 2015

Mestre talked about the three different types of São Bento Grande. I only knew the first one, which is the one most people know about.

This is a master class from Mestre Bimba, on his version of São Bento Grande, I like to play along to it or just listen to pick up all the variations. Harder to follow than you think because he plays the berimbau so amazingly well.

tsh#tsh# dom dim tsh#tsh# domdomdim
Then endless variations, i.e.
tsh#tsh# dom dom dim tsh#tsh# domdimdomdim
tsh#tsh# dom dom dim tsh#tsh# domdimdomdimdomdim domdomdim

Another thing I never realised but Mestre explained today. In Capoeira Angola people sing ‘Iê’, an in Regional ‘Eê’, for chorus, for example ‘Iê Camará’ or ‘Eê Camará’. I have no idea why though. I guess it just developed that way.

Toque da Angolinha (Mestre Gato Preto) or São Bento Pequeno II
tsh#tsh# domtss# domtss# dim

domtss# -> hit a dom then move cabaça towards belly and touch arame (wire) with pedra (stone).

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