Mojubá Music Lesson – 11 March 2015

Mojubá Music Lesson – 11 March 2015

São Bento Pequeno Variations
tsh#tsh# dim dom x2
tsh#tsh#dim tsh#tsh#dom tsh#dimdomdom
tsh#tsh#dimdimdimdim dimdomdom

Then some amazing Iuna variations I haven’t quite got yet! Too advanced for me right now!

Also we are learning these two songs and history behind them (Photos are from Mestre Poncianinho’s A3 notebook)

Jurema is a medicinal plant, a sacred tree used by the Brazilian natives. She’s also an idolised figure from Umbanda (Syncretic religion), Cabocla Jurema, queen of the jungle, Caboclo Tupinambá’s eldest daughter.

Mestre Virgilio : Velho Angoleiro on SoundCloud. He tells his biography and thoughts on the last song. “Don’t play Capoeira against another. Play *with* another” Virgilio was a regular at Waldemar and Pastinha’s rodas. He was born in 1934.

And a game played to “Arrodeia o mar três vezes”

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