Atabaque Toques

Atabaque Toques

tum -> base of drum
ta -> middle of drum

I don’t have an atabaque at home so I practice my son’s Djembe! But really, you can use anything to practice on. A simple table will do.

Mestre Poncianinho showing some atabaque rhythms. Sound and image are a bit out of synch. Don’t know why…

* Ijexá – praise water orixas, like Oxum and Iemanja – ta ta tum ta
* Nagô, ta ta tum ta ta tum tum
* Cabula(Samba de caboclo): tata tum ta tumtum ta tum tumtum
* Samba de roda: ta ta tum – ta tum tum – ta ta tum tum tum tum,
* Congo: tum tata tatumtum ta ta,
* Barravento: ta TA ta tumtumtum

* Maculelê: tumtum ta ta tum tum ta
* (faster) Jogo de Dentro: ta tum tum ta

* Puxada de Rede: (double tum) ta tum tum ta – (double tum) ta tum tum ta ta:

* Not sure what this is but it sounds gooooood! ta tum tumtum ta

05 Nov 2017 – Mestre Poncianinho going through toques practised during the 3 hour drum workshop: