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I have decided to get me a capoeira songs app, and this one stood out from the search returned for ‘Capoeira Songs’, I shall test drive it for the next few weeks or so…  Here’s what I’ve seen so far from Capoeira Tunes App for Android.


It already comes with a long list of capoeira songs, which you can divide into subsets, for example, I am adding all the songs I sing regularly to ‘Know’ category.  There are also two more categories ‘Learning’ and ‘Want to Learn’.  You can also add your own categories.

The songs are also categorized by genre: Ladainha, Corridos, Maculele, Samba, and Other.  Here too, you add your own genres, such as Quadras or  Louvação

Clicking on Edit for a song lets you categorize the songs and look at their translation, although none of the songs I looked at so far have been translated to English.  You can enter your own translation, but you probably want to copy and paste it, as typing on a phone is the most boring, time consuming, thing ever.

Each song comes with a link to a  you tube version which you can listen too.  The you tube links take a while to load first time, but they do eventually (I do have fast internet, I suspect it would be terribly slow if you are out and about).

You can also add your songs, but the app has a good selection.  So far I have found all songs I searched for (not searched for anything obscure though).  Similarly, if I was to add a song,  I’d type it on a computer, email to myself or save to google drive (or similar) then copy and paste.

A useful feature would be the ability to order the songs, within a repertoire or a genre, much like a playlist, in any order, i.e. drag & drop.  Currently you are forced to have them in alphabetical order.

Usability wise, it’s quite intuitive, I had no trouble finding my way around.  I like the layout and colour theme.  I think I’d move some of the functions out of the ‘Edit’ section though. For example, to look at a song translation it seems I have to edit it.  I’d expect to be able to see the translation without having to go to edit, as part of the song’s main page.

So far I definitely recommend this app!


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