Gluteus Maximus/Medium trigger points

03 March 2014

Gluteus Maximus/Medium trigger points

I’m looking further into this and putting all the info here. From the ‘Trigger Point Therapy Book’:

Trigger points in your gluteus maximus can disrupt the comfortable patterns of every day life, if not make it completely miserable. A vivid example of this was Kenny, age forty-two, a long haul truck driver. Kenny wasn’t bothered as much by his chronic low back pain as he was by the constant aching and burning in his hips and gluteal area. It was impossible for him to find a comfortable sitting position. The long hours on the road had become intolerable. ‘I feel like I ought to look for another line of work. The trouble is, I’d like the job I got just fine, if it wasn’t for this problem’

Kenny’s problem gluteus maximus were adversely affected by sitting all day behind the wheel of his truck. Practical treatment including working on his trigger points. He also found helpful to stop more often, get out and walk around.

This fits my pain pattern so closely I have to investigate further. Replace sitting in a truck cabin with sitting on an office chair and there you have it.


Pain caused by gluteus maximum trigger point is often blamed on bursitis of the hip, compressed disk, sciatica, arthritis or a sprung sacroliac joint.

The physiotherapist thinks I have back referred pain because I constantly have lower back pain. But I had scans on my back three years ago and apart from slightly desiccation of the L5-S1 disc with a slight bulge towards the left side, there was no neural compromise. (this could also be the issue, as it may have deteriorated since, but today I’m looking at the ‘gluteus zone’ – this would be a good name for a level in a game :D)

The trigger points match the pain I have on my gluteal region (my pain is in A Trp, B Trp, sometimes C):

Gluteus Medius

More diagrams here, I see now that my pain pattern doesn’t fit piriformis syndrome, but it does fit gluteus maximus/medium trigger points:

Exercises I’m going to try for next couple of months, also the video:

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