Toque de samba de roda – Berimbau

03 March 2014

Toque de samba de roda – Berimbau

After training I practiced the berimbau, then a song with toque de samba started to play and I thought it was about time I learned to play this toque.  I did some ‘research’ and at first I thought it went like this:

tsh#tsh# dom
tsh#tsh# dom
dim dom dim dom
dim dom

So I practiced that for 10 minutes then tried to play along with a song and it didn’t go…  

Then I found this tutorial, I love this guy he really breaks it down: (skip to 3:50)

Toque Samba De Roda de Angola:
tsh#tsh# dom
tsh#tsh# dom (I got that right)
tsh#tsh# dom dom tss (half note, just touch the wire with dobrao)
dom dom

UPDATE 04/03/2014

Well, I couldn’t get the ‘samba de roda’ toque out of my head all day today,  it was playing in my head a lot.   So I practised for an hour or so just now and I’m quite pleased with what I managed so far!

I never ever ever thought I’d be able to play the berimbau in any way.  I remember trying when I was younger and finding it very daunting and painful.  This time I just fell in love with it, despite all the finger pain…

It might not sound great to the trained ear, but to me it does, it sounds like ‘You need to practice more but that’s a good start!’

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