Capoeira documentary with Mestre Acordeon

08 March 2014

Capoeira documentary with Mestre Acordeon

Not the bestest video quality, but must see documentary about a martial arts practicioner learning about Capoeira in Salvador with Mestre Acordeon. Also appearing Mestre Jogo De Dentro and Mestre João Pequeno de Pastinha, Mestre Boa Gente and Mestre Olavo.

* Mestre Acordeon is a direct student of Mestre Bimba.
* Capoeira sequences can be thought of as Katas in Karate.
* Capoeristas can disappear – like a Ninja
(next items can’t bee seen as the original full doco is no longer available)
* How a berimbau is made – 21:00 onwards
* Mestre Jogo De Dentro – 25:00 onwards
* Mestre João Pequeno de Pastinha – 34:00 onwards, playing the money game with Jogo De Dentro.

* “Capoeira is a playful dialogue – as well as a fight.”
* “A capoeira master’s art reaches beyond physical training”
* “This is the only martial art in which I have to become an accomplished musician”
* “Most martial arts are born of war. Capoeira was born out of resistance. Once forced to disguise itself as a harmless dance, today capoeira is a joyful and defiant expression of afro-brazilian culture”
* “Capoeira is a metaphor for the struggles of life in Brazil”

Capoeira Angola Lineage

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