Osteopath Visit

24 March 2014

Osteopath Visit

The NHS physio has not fixed me yet and I’m booked to have an injection on my arm on the 9th, as David (the physio) has spent no time on my back or hip – we decided to concentrate on the right arm.

As my back has been giving me more grief than usual lately – I spent the last couple of weeks treating it with hot water bottle, tennis ball massages, thera cane massages and getting only minor relief – I decided enough is enough. I’ve been meaning to see an Osteopath for years. I accepted that being in pain is part of getting older, but I’ve been reading that it really isn’t, most of these issues can be fixed. So I have finally done it today.

I have read a lot about, and about referred pain and trigger points. I watch videos on the best way to self-massage. I somewhat concluded my back/glute pains are from sitting down too much, then exercising. I started to work from home standing up, to try and address that, for the last few months.

But I think it’s reached a point where a professional needs to take a look. Reading a couple of books and watching a couple of videos is no match to being properly trained.

I went back to ReCentre, in Balham, where I had physio about 3 years ago for my hip. Back then my work health insurance covered it, but after the sessions ran out they refused to pay for more, so this time I’m paying for it myself…

I picked the name out of a list of three, he seemed to fit the bill the most


Christopher is an experienced Osteopath who has practiced in Balham for many years. You probably already know someone local who has visited him. He has expertise in conventional Osteopathy as well as Cranial Osteopathy and Western Medical Acupuncture. This varied approach enables him to treat a wide range of ailments and a wide range of people, from babies through to the elderly.

Christopher qualified from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2003 with an Honours Degree in Osteopathic Medicine, a Diploma in Osteopathy and a Diploma in Naturopathy. He completed Cranial Osteopathy training levels 1, 2 and 3 soon after. He is also qualified to perform Western Medical Acupuncture and has to prescribe orthotics (taylor made shoe inserts to balance the body).

Chris is a GOsC registered Osteopath.

He is currently studying for his Masters in Stress & Pain Management.

I felt comfortable around him straight away, and we got down to it. I showed him my MRI scan results for my back from 3 years ago:

I think my problems are muscular and very solvable and was happy to hear he thought the same after his assessment. He manipulated my gluts/hips and back and also wants to look at my arm. He could see the tension area on my back, as it’s pretty obvious, my husband has felt it too, and it’s a tender spot…

He thinks it might be possible to avoid the injection in a couple of weeks, which I’d rather do. He says he doesn’t understand how the physio did no manipulation or got stuck into any of my issues. He says exercises are good, but you need to get stuck into, i.e. that’s what their job is. I said I started to think that physio therapists don’t really touch patients these days after both my seasons at St George’s… The other time I was a St. George’s I also just got given a lot of exercises, but there was no manipulation of any sort.

Anyway, I had some bearably painful work done, mostly on the hips and glutes, and a bit at the back. I’m feeling hopeful for this one! Chris said I’m in pretty good condition and yes, that you can try and minimise visits to doctors by looking after yourself, but there comes a point you need to get the experts in. If this goes well I’m probably going to have regular visits every couple of months or so.

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