What I know about Yoga

What I know about Yoga (Go to last update 14 Oct 2022) First published 4th of November 2017 Yoga Journey Back in 1995, when I was in college, a friend told me about Yoga. She practised it at home, every morning at 6am and she said it had made her stronger and happier. I was … Read more

Injuries Timeline

First published: 02 March 2018. Go to latest update 9 March 2024 Injuries Timeline – they are a part of life! I Started jogging 13 Sept 2008 then up to 4km by Jan 2009. Mostly doing 5km twice a week during 2009 and then started longer jogs of 6-7km twice a week from Feb 2010. … Read more

PiYo Workout/Achilles tendinitis

30 August 2017 PiYo Workout/Achilles tendinitis I’ve had (self diagnosed) tendinitis on my right ankle since the beginning of July. I stopped running a couple of weeks after the ache started, perhaps I should have stopped sooner. Anyway, I started doing these eccentric heel drops on August 11, with leg straight, then with legs bent … Read more

Shoulder Injury

21 November 2017 Shoulder Injury Previous post on shoulder injury So the shoulder injury has been back since early September – 2.5 months. I went to see a specialist, Mr Mark Jeffery @ Wimbledon Clinics last week and he gave this provisional diagnosis and then requested an ultrasound which I had two days later and … Read more