Faca de Ticum by Mestre Guimba

04 June 2014

Beautiful capoeira song by Mestre Guimba – Faca de Ticum

(Knife of Ticum is the knife that killed Besouro)
Faca de Ticum é faca que matou Besouro
Faca de Ticum é faca que matou…

Ticum is a type of wood found in the Northeast Brazil. It is said that a knife made with it can kill even those with closed bodies, it is said to be as hard a iron. Legend has it that a knife made of Ticum was able to penetrate Besouro’s body and kill him.

From Mestre Guimba’s new CD: Mensagems da África. Song: Nasceu mais um guerreiro no Quilombo (Another warrior was born in Quilombo)

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