Knee Injury Update

04 Oct 2013

Knee Injury Update

It doesn’t feel like acupuncture is working at all – was in much discomfort yesterday, so I made an appointment with local GP.  They only knew about my hip pain, not knee, so I hoped that might speed up my position on the waiting list.

The surgery has one of those automated check-in systems stuck to the wall. In the past it used to be at a height around 130cm, so a short-arsed person like me could cover the massive touch screen where you are inputting personal info like your D.O.B… Not anymore – it’s above my head and everyone in the room can see whatever the patient types to check themselves in, including D.O.B and full name. How crazy is that? Would be interested to know why they moved it so high. Will contact them to mention this. Someone in a wheelchair would not be able to reach for sure.

Well, the NHS has been going down the pan since the Conservatives took over. When I expressed my distaste in having to wait for so long for physio, she said there was no use in complaining, but some improvements should come in soon, is what she said. She also said I could see a physio privately, pay for one consultation and they would give me tailored exercises. I mentioned I had done a couple of acupuncture sessions but it didn’t seem to work, she said it works for some people not others.

Unlike the acupuncturist she really didn’t seem to have any interest in me, as a person, the consultation was just formal and impersonal – I was nearly in tears explaining how this pain is affecting me, but there’s just no personal touch or sympathy in the medical profession these days. They just deal with too many people to care. I had decided not to go back to the acupuncturist on Monday, prior to my visit, but now I’m in two minds… When I mentioned if the people in St. George’s physio dpt. would treat my injuries separately or together she said I might get a different appt for each! Insanity.

I got given some generic knee exercises. I asked for blood tests, and she filled in a form for that to happen… All a bit disheartening.

I also told the acupuncturist I wouldn’t be seeing her anymore and thanked her for trying…

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