Knee Injury update

16 Oct 2013

Knee Injury update

So it seems that, slowly, my knee is getting better. Yesterday I forgot to wear my knee support, cycled to work and felt no pain. I can almost cross my legs and touch the floor with my knees and bend forward, but not quite as far as I used to be able to. Hopefully I will get full motion again!  I still can’t sit cross-legged for any length of time, gets uncomfortable after a minute or so!  My right hip is still stiff and a bit sore when I sit down, so I’m on the waiting list for physio for both.  Think my knee might be cured by the time I get seen.

Trying to figure out what is actually fixing it, but hard to tell.  Maybe it would have mended itself anyway.  Probably a combination of all the things I did since the injury happened on 06/09:

1) Rest, no running or capoeira for a week, ice for 24 hours on and off, Naproxen for a week – this seemed to fix it, but started hurting again once I resumed capoeira/running.
2) bought new trainers for running, and knee support band.
3) Started taking Glucosamine liquid.
4) Started taking Collagen Sport.
5) After week of rest tried to keep active, but running less often. Still cycling and doing capoeira, but not as often.
6) 2 acupuncture sessions that didn’t seem to do much, although things started to improve 5 days after second session.
7) Went to doctor on 04/10 who gave me a sheet of knee exercises, been doing 2 of those, and seen the most improvement since.
* VERY SLOWLY from standing, bend down all the way to the floor (on the sheet it says to sit on chair or step, but given my flexibility I need to go all the way like this), then slowly stand up x 10 – I also started doing with 4kg weights on each hand).
* Sitting down, straighten leg and do some feet rotations (10 of each side) then feet back and forwards, both legs. Do this as often as remember throughout the day.

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