Acupuncture 2nd visit

30 Sep 2013

Acupuncture 2nd visit

My phone navigation wasn’t working today so I had to find the place from memory,  and I took a wrong right turn towards the end (most of the way was quite easy to remember) on Fulham Road.  It sorta felt wrong,  so I did a u-turn and soon found North End Rd, from there I could remember the way.  Still managed to be on time! Go me 🙂

We chatted for a bit, she took my pulse and said my stomach felt better this week.  I wonder if it’s because we ate a lot less this Sunday.  Last week we had a massive Sunday roast/dessert at my in-laws.

Lying on my stomach again, needles on back/hips/knees/lower legs I think.  Some were very painful.  She came back after 5 minutes to push them further in.   OUCH! at first then it stops hurting.  The needle corresponding to the gallbladder meridium is particularly painful.  When I was lying down I could feel a muscle twitching, under the upper area of my left rib cage.  It stopped after about 5 minutes.

She said ‘oh look at you, you do exercise a lot!’ when I was lying down – not sure where she was looking at when she said that, but seems like 2.5 years of capoeira have made a noticeable difference!

The needles on my right hip were particularly painful too,  and now the top of my right buttock is painful, it wasn’t before.  The pain, previously, was very deep and when I sit down.  It’s still there when I bend down,  with the added pain that’s been awakened…  Sitting on it still hurts.  She said give it 3 days for knee, and I need another session for the hip.

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