Mojubá class – 29 July 2015

Mojubá class – 29 July 2015

I filmed this sequence to practice at home, and ended up practising it at the tennis court… Hadn’t played tennis for a looong time and at first I couldn’t even hit the ball. Not that I was ever any good. I didn’t play tennis until I was in my late 30s. When I was growing up I played volleyball and swam a lot – oh I did play beach tennis during the summer holidays! People generally don’t play real tennis in Brazil, unless they are very rich.

This sequence starts with a meia-lua, which I didn’t have time to film when it was shown on the first video. Meia-lua, chibata, dunno the name, dunno jump, then macaco.

Also made this silly video:

Prof. Kebrado was teaching as Mestre Poncianinho was away for a few days. We practised the Gegê toque in music class. Gegê/Jejê was a place in Africa, and when this is played in the roda the tradition is to go to the berimbau and touch the floor with your head, in praise. If in a group where this isn’t understood, then simply do your moves with your head on the floor.

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