Toque de Amazonas

28 Jan 2015

Toque de Amazonas

We learned this tonight. Well, it was my first time playing it, other students knew it! So I should say, I learned this tonight and the group practiced it. Amazonas is really good fun to play – I think it might now be one my favourites, along with Iúna and Cavalaria… There’s something rock’n’roll about it!

Amazonas is a toque to welcome mestres and students who are visiting the roda. It is said by some to be the hymn of Capoeira. It was created by Mestre Bimba.

It’s a long toque, so let’s listen to it first, played by Mestre Poncianinho:

tsh#tsh# dom tsh# domdim tsh#tsh# dom dom dim x2
tsh#tsh# dom tsh# domdimdom dim dom dom
dimdimdimdim domdomdomdom x2
dimdom dim dom dom dim

Notation (this notation is the simplest I could come up with for computer keyboard)

# -> this means the cabaça is touching the stomach, the absence of it means it’s away.

dom = nota solta (loose note), berimbau away, dobrão doesn’t touch wire (arame) when baqueta hits it.
dom# = as above, berimbau close.
dim = nota presa (tight note), berimbau away, dobrão touches wire firmly when baqueta hits wire.
dim# = as above but berimbau close.
tsh# = nota média (medium note), berimbau close, dobrão touches wire loosely when baqueta touches wire. The distinctive ‘chiado’ sound.
tsh = chiado with berimbau away. Not used, that I know, but putting here for sake of consistency.
tss = meia nota (half note), dobrão just touches wire, commonly after a nota solta.
tss# = as above but berimbau is touching the body.

Practicing at home:

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