Mestre Poncianinho’s 15 Years of Capoeira in England

26 October 2015

Mestre Poncianinho’s 15 Years of Capoeira in England

This weekend saw the celebration fest for our Mestre Poncianinho’s 15 years in England and graduation ceremony. Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday were a roller coaster ride of classes, graduation and emotions and I’m still digesting it all, as well as suffering from the post event blues, a well known side effect of having too much fun! 🙂

So, first of all, I don’t have all the photos, I missed a couple, as we were clearing the room in a rush, but here’s a rather wonderful Mestre hall of fame, these were on the walls around the main room at Dance Attic.

On Saturday night a few of us from the group did a show in the evening, Sete Linhas, and here it is, I’m in there somewhere playing the berimbau. We rehearsed for the show on Sundays and I had a wonderful time, as well as getting better at playing the berimbau, as the rehearsal sessions went on for at least 2 hours at a time!

Some jogos, mostly of the graduation:

Just three of the sequences we practiced during various workshops, Mestre Casquinha’s, Mestre Xuxo’s and Mestre Brasilia’s

And photos, mine and other people’s too (Luis, Sarah, Paula, Paturi, Lia, Caterina, Laxmi and Fabio)

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