Mojubá Presents: ’40 Years of Practice and Passion’

15 November 2014

Mojubá Presents: ’40 Years of Practice and Passion’

Mestre Zé Antonio, Ana Beatriz (Lãlã), Caiçara and Hawaii came from Brazil to England for the occasion. Salamandra and his students travelled from Latvia.

On Friday we saw Nick’s batizado and certificates were handed out by Mestre Poncianinho – as well as the usual roda. Then performances, workshops and rodas on Saturday and Sunday. It was a wonderful weekend, I feel like I’ve been on a very special, unforgettable holiday. And I didn’t even have to get on a plane 🙂

Videos were filmed in HD, so you might want to adjust the settings to higher resolution if you are viewing on a larger screen, as the default to lower resolution of 360p isn’t so good.

14/11/2014 – Friday
Batizado with Mestre Zé Antonio and Nick

A walk around the rodas

Last game of the night, AMAZING!!! Mestre Poncianinho and Lãlã

Click for YouTube playlist to see more jogos with Mestre Ze Antonio, Mestre Poncianinho, Prof. Quebrado, Lãlã, Caiçara, Catherine, Salamandra and more.

Here’s a ‘compilation’ I made using Google+ and then removing annoying soundtrack Google force you to use (with Adobe Premiere):

Google+ photos & videos –

Sunday Soundtrack Mestre Traíra:

Recorded with Mestre Cobrinha Verde. Considered to be one of the first capoeira recordings and a seminal album.

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