Capoeira Communication

09 November 2014

Capoeira Communication

What really stuck with me in this lesson: Mestre Poncianinho was very keen to emphasize the importance of communication in Capoeira. If you don’t communicate and just worry about doing the things you can do physically, then it’s not really true Capoeira. Capoeira is a dialogue. I knew that, I heard it before, many times: but to know and to do are very different things. Putting theory to practice takes a lot of work. Practice, of course, is the key.

Personally I know I completely switch off sometimes and I am just thinking about a certain sequence I may have been practicing at home or in class – and I end up not paying as much attention to the person I’m playing with… Other times I pay too much attention I end up just responding – and not asking any questions. And there you have a monologue! Which happens a lot, not just for me I hasten to add. It’s a common occurrence. In life too. So guess what: if you learn to observe and listen to the person you are interacting with in the roda, imagine how that translates into your day to day life…

So because of this inspiring words, I played with two different people and I really focused on them. And both games were more question and answer, and it was more enjoyable too, we appreciated what the other person was doing more. It’s a loooong road, but another step towards this specific destination has been taken.

Mestre Poncianinho said during the class that he has a lot of videos which show this dialogue in action. So I asked for links and here they are: (will add more as I find them)

Mestre João Grande e João Pequeno playing. Mestres Noronha e Maré do the music – from the movie ‘Dança de Guerra’

Mestres Nô e Bobó

Mestre Cobra Mansa e Mestre Espirro Mirim

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