Now for something different… Legião Urbana

18 November 2013

Now for something different… Legião Urbana

When I was 14-16 I got my first taste of Capoeira, and my first few classes too. This was back in 1985/87. Back then it was mostly boys who did but a few pioneering girls were into it too. My friend and I (she was a couple of years older) ventured to a few classes, after school. It was very military and strict. That was the climate at the time, and Capoeira fell victim to that too.  I think we trained for about 4 months.

At that time I was also absolutely crazy about Legião Urbana. They were the first punk band in Brasil (allegedly) and they were from my town, Brasilia. Renato Russo, the frontman was not your typical good looking rock star, but he wrote some amazing songs, so despite my shallow need to fancy my idols at that age, he was the exception to the rule and I just fell head over hills in love with his socially conscious songs.

And this is what this post is about, my homage to one of my favourite bands of all times…

One of the ways I learned English was through music. So for anyone wanting to learn Portuguese, I recommend it!

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