Mestre Acordeon’s Berkeley to Bahia bike ride

25 October 2013

Mestre Acordeon’s Berkeley to Bahia bike ride

Mestre Acordeon will commemorate his 70th birthday by riding his bicycle on a 14,000-mile journey from Berkeley to the source of his eternal inspiration: his hometown of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. This epic and historic journey, called Project B2B-Joga Capoeira (Berkeley to Bahia), will start September 1st and take about a year to complete. It will allow Acordeon to immerse himself in local cultures: customs, traditions, values, music and dance. He will study the social significance of Capoeira in these diverse communities. The project will encompass populations in 11 countries (including Brazil) and more than 32 cities. This story will be told by a Capoeira icon who has lived for his art for over half a century.

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Here’s wikipedia entry on the legendary Mestre Acordeon:

He has also made some of the best capoeira music, which I listen to regularly, either at training or at home.  Buy it on Amazon.

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