Right Hip injury

03 September 2010

I have been seeing a physio for the last few months (10 sessions, once a week, with some breaks) because I have been getting a sore hip (right hand-side) particularly after jogging, but also when walking or sitting on the same position (driving, working, sofa) for longer than 40 mins or so.

The physio then sent me to see an orthopaedic consultant, who then sent me to see a podiatrist (next week) – seems all could stem from my flat feet, and jogging. It all started hurting when I started jogging for 45 mins, so maybe I pushed it too far. So I took a 6 week break from jogging, put on lots of weight (5 kg), and now I’m doing 20 mins sessions… It hurts a bit after, but not so bad the next day.  I was also told to buy new trainers, should never really have them for longer than 1 year, and mine was 18 months old…  Let’s see what podiatrist says next week.

Here’s letter from physio to doctor (who then referred to consultant, thanks to IBM I can do this privately and more quickly. Think that if I had to wait this would either heal itself and get really bad…)

Dear Dr. Rohde

Ms LG has been receiving regular physiotherapy treatment at Recentre Health in Balham. Initial assessment on 26/05/2010 she complained of right lower back pain, radiating into the right lateral lower leg down to the ankle. She had no other neurological symptoms.

Ms G is an active individual and likes to run regularly and has a very good yoga routine. She finds that running aggravates her lower limb pain.

Physiotherapy management has consisted of myofascial release, joint mobilization, core stability training and a stretching home exercise programme. She was also advised to buy new trainers with the correct arch support, which she has done.

She has now had 10 physiotherapy sessions. At her last treatment she reported she still had localized pain around the right greater trochanter area after running, walking and sitting down for longer than forty-five minutes, for example when driving or sitting on office chair. Although her pain is much less, she is still not responding as well as I would like.

I would appreciate it if you could review her case and possibly advise with regards to further investigation or treatment.

Kind Regards

Candice Kuschke

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