Meu baião de terreiro

On Sunday’s (3rd Dec 2023) Mojubá music class we were going around the group and people were singing songs of their choice and this song I hadn’t heard before came up.

There was a bit of a caboclo theme going on and this song fitted nicely. Mestre Poncianinho explained that brada = announce. Caboclo announcing his arrival in the forest (Caboclo brada na mata). Some people sing bravo (brave) but he believes the original is brada not bravo. This song references Umbanda, and it treats Angola as an entity, that will arrive in the terreiro when it’s ready (Angola vem quando quer) and then mentions Oxossi, the saint of faith. It’s a very enjoyable song to sing.

Meu Baião de Terreiro
Angola vem quando quer
Caboclo brada na mata
Oxossi é santo de fé

An extra verse

Oxossi mora na mata
São Jeorge mora na lua
eu jogo minha capoeira
que é angola de rua

Mestre Forró, Facebook

More songs can be found in the singing playlist.. I put this one under the mysticism category.