Coração Cantador – October 2022

Coração Cantador – October 2022

Mojubá’s event, Coração Cantador took place in London, at the Dance Attic from 30th of September to 2nd of October. There was a large Instructor grading – to make up for the 2 year event hiatus, caused by covid. I graded as an Instructor, after 8 years of training with Mestre Poncianinho. It was a very special day as I graded with my friends: I counted 21 of us grading as Instructors. I counted 11 people grading as Professores on Sunday.

The following were guests and (some) were padrinhos, madrinhas to the Professores and Instrutores:
Mestre Ousado
Mestre José Antônio
Mestre Pedreiro
Mestre Sandro Alves
Mestre Casquinha
Mestra Paulinha
Mestre Pepeto
Mestre Primo
Mestre Passarinho
Mestre Parente
Mestre Boneco
Mestre Hiram
Mestre Fantasma
Professora Guerreira

Many students chose Mestre Poncianino as padrinho. I chose to play my game to grade as Instructor with Mestra Paulinha.

As is traditional in events, guests shared songs with us and this one was very popular – Professora Guerreira orchestrated a beautiful group harmony:

Filmed by El Maizena @ Coração Cantador, Dance Attic, London

O meu boi quer vadiar
Vadeia chamego nesse terreiro
Vadeia chamego nesse lugar

This song is inspired by Bumba Meu Boi.

YouTube Playlist of some of the games:

Flickr Photos with some of the photos I took on my phone

The 2nd of October was the day of the Brazilian Presidential election, 1st round. I went to West London College first thing in the morning, and queued for 1 hour to vote. My section’s electronic voting machine malfunctioned, so I had to vote manually. As I left the queue had exponentially grown, I suspect people ended up queuing for 3 hours or more to vote. I’ve never seen so many compatriots in one place!

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