Orquestra de Berimbaus do Morro do Querosene

Orquestra de Berimbaus do Morro do Querosene

I was searching for the different types of berimbau arrangements in the roda as a result of yesterday’s music class – The first one being gunga: angola, medio: são bento pequeno, viola: são bento grande + improv. when I found this website:


Translation of first 5 paragraphs:
“The berimbau is an instrument of resistance through culture which crossed the Atlantic ocean and became a symbol in the fight for freedom in Brazil.

The Orquestra de Berimbaus do Morro do Querosene, formed by capoeiristas, musicians and community members of Vila Pirajuçara, Butantã, São Paulo, is a template of social inclusion and sustainability which values capoeira as a manifestation and brazilian’s cultural heritage. With the participation of mestres, contramestres and professors of capoeira, brazilian rhythms such as samba de roda, ijexá, congo-de-ouro, barravento, as well as ladainhas, chulas e corridos get a unique interpretation with bold and unique arrangements by Mestre Dinho Nascimento.

The berimbaus are carefully tuned and grouped in suits: berimbau gunga or berra-boy (deep sound, bass), centre (medium tone) and viola or violinha (higher tone). The ‘Berimbum’, with a very deep sound, is played with a violoncello’s arc. The ‘Berimbau de lata’ (tin berimbau), also played with an arc, is more akin to a fiddle.

Voices chant ladainha verses, corridos and songs. Instruments such as guimbarde or trump (berimbau de boca), agogô, pandeiro, reco-reco, ganzá, triângulo, atabaque, matraca, various sound effects and clapping complete the sound.

The orchestra demonstrates the berimbau’s versatility as a musical instrument given that in its repertoire we find capoeira rhythms as well as other genres of brazilian music.”

The album, Sinfonia de Arame, can be found on Submarino, Amazon e Tratore and on Spotify. I always like to encourage people to support artists when I get the opportunity, as I think it’s important, so if you like their music (and you can afford it), show it by buying their album. Axé!

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