Mestre Marcelo Angola

07 June 2015

Mestre Marcelo Angola

On Friday class, 5th of June 2015, Mestre Marcelo Angola came to Dance Attic to do a workshop. He lives in Sweden, and his daughter, who lives in Bahia, is spending a few months with him here. Mestre Marcelo Angola is a student of the illustrious Mestre Curió and just imagine what an honour it is to meet him!

The workshop itself consisted of Angola movements, two in particular I will be working on from now on to make it part of my repertoir!
rasteira + aú de cabeça
when opponenent does a rabo de arraia, do cata milho, then slide under the other player’s leg to give a cabeçada and push them to the floor

We learned two new songs
Adeus Adeus
Eu ja vou me embora
Vou levar meu berimba
pra poder jogar angola

Vou me embora vou me embora
Pela barra afora
Areia branca sacode a poeira
Vou ver Janaina
Rainha do mar

On Saturday Urban Ritual Roda was on, and Mestre was there again. This was my second time and I got to play, with him no less! I filmed Marta’s game and my husband filmed mine, which had a very funny ending. I had been sitting waiting to play for about 40 minutes and I hadn’t warmed up, so this was to be my first time going to a roda cold, I was very worried! I thought that having been singing all that time would be helpful somewhat and it was – it also helped that it wasn’t a cold night!

Mestre himself pulled a muscle, he’s doing so many workshops he says his whole body is completely tensed up! The life of a capoeira Mestre can be very hard on the body.

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