Toque e Jogo Samango/Saramango

03 December 2014

Toque e Jogo Samango/Saramango

This toque/jogo was created by Mestre Canjiquinha. The Samango is a very dynamic game with lateral kicks. The toque itself should be played at a steady pace, with few repiques, to allow the players to keep their rhythm. However, if demonstrating it then more repiques are encouraged!

base: tsh# dom tsh# dom tsh# dom….
1st repique: tsh# domdomdomdom
2nd repique: tsh# domdomdomdomdomdomdomdomdomdom
3rd repique: tsh#dom# tsh#dom#, then move away tshdom tshdom tshdom

This toque is in Silvio Acaraje’s Capoeira Primitiva album

I found this class with Mestre Canjiquinha while searching for Samango on YouTube! And while watching it and reading the comments section, I learned about Mestra Cigana, said to be the first woman to become a Mestra. Another illustrious capoeirista I got to learn about!

Jogo e toque de Samango at 6:45

I looked up the meaning for Samango, and one that came up consistently is ‘lazy soldier’ or just lazy, but that’s used in Ceará only it seems. ‘Vadiar’ comes to mind… Samango is also a type of Monkey, possibly of African origin (both the name and the monkey). It’s also a name for the male member in some places!

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