More Hip

01 September 2011 – More Hip

Last Thursday I went to St. George’s hospital, to see a physiotherapist for my hip.  Which in fact has been better lately, since I spent a month taking 500mg Naproxen.  On the very same month, however, I caught one cold after another – I rarely have colds these days, and they are usually mild.  So it was odd to have one after another and I couldn’t help but think it was related to these anti inflammatories.  So the pain has been almost minimal.  The physio who saw me said my right hip seems weaker than the left, as David Galea said (my previous private physio, which was paid for work, but they no longer want to pay for it) – so I have been given some exercises to do and he will watch me run on my next visit.  Not a single person I have seen (that includes the podiatrist/orthopaedic consultant/3 physiotherapists) has wanted to see me run!  Look forward to that in 3 weeks time.

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