Capoeira song compendium

16 June 2012 Capoeira song compendium A compendium of the most widely sang Capoeira songs with their English translations. Plus a guide on Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation, a capoeira glossary, an article about religion and its connection to Capoeira and other articles about Capoeira songs. Fantastic! Capoeira Song Compendium With many thanks to Agogo in Netherlands

Mestre Ousado Workshop at DDL

Thursday 1st of March 2012 Mestre Ousado Workshop at DDL Last night none other than Mestre Ousado (it means audacious) gave a workshop at DDL. It was supposed to start at 7 and finish at 9:30, but in true Brazilian style it started at 8 and finished at 10:30. Mestre Ousado was the first mestre … Read more

More Hip

01 September 2011 – More Hip Last Thursday I went to St. George’s hospital, to see a physiotherapist for my hip.  Which in fact has been better lately, since I spent a month taking 500mg Naproxen.  On the very same month, however, I caught one cold after another – I rarely have colds these days, … Read more

Right Hip injury

03 September 2010 I have been seeing a physio for the last few months (10 sessions, once a week, with some breaks) because I have been getting a sore hip (right hand-side) particularly after jogging, but also when walking or sitting on the same position (driving, working, sofa) for longer than 40 mins or so. … Read more