Lelé Capoeira coming at you from new domain!

Dear readers/subscribers, Due to major server issues (too slow, too unreliable) I had to move to a new server. I also finally got a better domain name!!! From now on this site lives at the aptly named lelecapoeira.com domain. Hopefully you should all still get new posts emails as before – if you got an … Read more

Peleja de Riachão Com o Diabo – Leandro Gomes de Barros

Literatura de Cordel

Peleja de Riachão Com o Diabo – Leandro Gomes de Barros (Literatura de Cordel) Sections of this epic poem from literatura de cordel have been incorporated into Capoeira, where Riachão and the Devil (diabo) have a defiant dialog/word battle : Mestre Traira – Riachão do Diabo Sílvio Acarajé Amongst others… Leandro Gomes de Barros (Pombal, … Read more

RIP Mestre Boa Voz

20 April 2023 – Mestre Boa Voz Last night, during our Capoeira class, Mestre Poncianinho told us that Mestre Boa Voz had passed away and talked a little bit about his music. We started playing two by two with a song of his that we all know so well and love: “Lenda Viva (aka Mandei … Read more

chatGPT and Capoeira questions

Well… I had to try! Depending on who you ask, chatGPT could bring the demise of the job market and a world controlled by robots or the dawn of a new era, where boring, repeatable jobs can be done by AI, while us bio humans get to do the creative work and have more leisure … Read more

What I know about Yoga

What I know about Yoga (Go to last update 14 Oct 2022) First published 4th of November 2017 Yoga Journey Back in 1995, when I was in college, a friend told me about Yoga. She practised it at home, every morning at 6am and she said it had made her stronger and happier. I was … Read more