RIP Mestre Boa Voz

20 April 2023 – Mestre Boa Voz Last night, during our Capoeira class, Mestre Poncianinho told us that Mestre Boa Voz had passed away and talked a little bit about his music. We started playing two by two with a song of his that we all know so well and love: “Lenda Viva (aka Mandei … Read more

Three new albums by Carlo Alexandre

Listen while you read… I got message from Carlo Alexandre (Kabula) on my Facebook Messenger this morning, here’s an extract: ” […] I am very happy to say that I have 3 newly released albums on Bandcamp, two in February 2020 and another one on this month. Have a listen: Tekó Porã (Brazilian Experimental) Guarnicê … Read more

Music Class with Mestre Môa do Katendê

14 October 2017 – Music Class with Mestre Môa do Katendê Mestres João Grande and Môa do Katendê together in London · Hosted by Mestre Joãozinho Da Figueira Facebook Event Page Photos/Videos of the visit to Mojubá and of the event on Flickr Videos on YouTube Mestre Môa do Katendê Music Class – AUDIO Songs … Read more

Asa Branca – Luiz Gonzaga

08 March 2019 Asa Branca – Luiz Gonzaga Asa Branca – Luiz Gonzaga Written in 1947, Asa Branca is one of the most well known songs in Brazil – I’d be surprised if there’s anyone there who hasn’t heard or doesn’t recognise the unmistakable introduction. By learning this song I also learned the baião strumming … Read more

Silvio Acarajé – A Saga do Urucungo

25 Aug 2018 Silvio Acarajé – A Saga do Urucungo I first heard this album about 7 years ago and the first track in particular captured my ears… Still does. He released two great albums, this one and Capoeira Primitiva, a great album to practice the berimbau and learn lesser known toques. Urucungo was the … Read more