What I know about YouTube Fitness Videos

What I know about YouTube Fitness Videos (Go to last update 14 Aug 2023) First published 24th of September 2020 Lockdown YouTube Fitness Videos I’ve done a few fitness DVDs over the years: T25, Insanity, Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson, Rodney Yee, Zumba… and I am a fan of them. No need to go to … Read more

Berimbau Toques

First Published 03 July 2014 Last updated 23 July 2023 Berimbau Toques The best known Capoeira toques are Angola, São Bento Pequeno and São Bento Grande. Here I go through those and various others that I have learned. Our group has its own official toques when it comes to the roda, Mojuba official toques. The … Read more

RIP Mestre Boa Voz

20 April 2023 – Mestre Boa Voz Last night, during our Capoeira class, Mestre Poncianinho told us that Mestre Boa Voz had passed away and talked a little bit about his music. We started playing two by two with a song of his that we all know so well and love: “Lenda Viva (aka Mandei … Read more

Three new albums by Carlo Alexandre

Listen while you read… I got message from Carlo Alexandre (Kabula) on my Facebook Messenger this morning, here’s an extract: ” […] I am very happy to say that I have 3 newly released albums on Bandcamp, two in February 2020 and another one on this month. Have a listen: Tekó Porã (Brazilian Experimental) Guarnicê … Read more

Music Class with Mestre Môa do Katendê

14 October 2017 – Music Class with Mestre Môa do Katendê Mestres João Grande and Môa do Katendê together in London · Hosted by Mestre Joãozinho Da Figueira Facebook Event Page Photos/Videos of the visit to Mojubá and of the event on Flickr Videos on YouTube Mestre Môa do Katendê Music Class – AUDIO Songs … Read more