Mojubá Music Lesson – 11 March 2015

Mojubá Music Lesson – 11 March 2015 São Bento Pequeno Variations tsh#tsh# dim dom x2 tsh#tsh#dim tsh#tsh#dom tsh#dimdomdom tsh#tsh#dimdimdimdim dimdomdom Then some amazing Iuna variations I haven’t quite got yet! Too advanced for me right now! Also we are learning these two songs and history behind them (Photos are from Mestre Poncianinho’s A3 notebook) Jurema … Read more

São Bento Grande Variation

25 Feb 2015 São Bento Grande Variation In tonight’s class we practiced this variation, amongst other things. Mestre Poncianinho was playing the berimbau extra amazingly tonight, it was an audio-visual treat!!! Shame I didn’t record the class!!! tsh#tsh# dim dom dom x2 (São Bento Grande basic) tsh#tsh# dim dom dom domtss# dim dom dom First … Read more

Capoeira Communication

09 November 2014 Capoeira Communication What really stuck with me in this lesson: Mestre Poncianinho was very keen to emphasize the importance of communication in Capoeira. If you don’t communicate and just worry about doing the things you can do physically, then it’s not really true Capoeira. Capoeira is a dialogue. I knew that, I … Read more